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21 September 2012


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oh Bella,Bella,Bella,

I want to run to you and hug you so hard right now.

this. is. beautiful.

just like YOU.

Oh, Bella.

I love this. The photos are beautiful, but the words are so...


Well, just so beautiful. and gentle. and soulful.

Love this. Love you.

beautiful words, and i love that first shot. you are a selfie queen today!

The light in your photographs, the light in your face and in your words. So glad you are healing, may it long continue.

gorgeous photos of gorgeous you. and words that touch the heart...

Deep thanks for sharing your journey in such honest, real, and beautiful words. This kind of sharing make the world a bigger, more connected place.

Even deeper thanks for the comment you recently left on my "Classified Ad" post. I knew I must publicly state my intention, yet I was terrified after posting. Your supportive words, Bella, they were such a balm this morning.


It is nice to read and watch quietly along, feeling alongside your pain and joy and change and growth but every now and then there is a post that makes you give up lurking and come out into the open and give a high five and a bear hug. This is that.

wow Bella, such openness, vulnerability, honesty....it's beautiful. I am happy that you are on the road of healing...you radiate lovely lady..

There is such honest beauty in your words and your photographs. A lovely soul, you are...

I am not sure the path I took that brought me to you this morning, but as often happens I can't believe that I haven't properly met you before!

This is a really beautiful post. It made me feel like I had taken a deep breath. I want to settle in with tea and the rest of your beautiful blog!


Dear Bella, those pictures are so beautiful! And congratulations to where you are and how you feel. this is very rare and precious ...

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