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04 September 2012


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Reading this, I am struck that it's a matter of not understanding that this is her love language. I come from Prairie people, farmers and this is how we show love. It's about growing up in a community where the culture is that neighbours look out for one another. When someone is hurt, ill, or in need, everyone comes running to step up and see them through the crisis by doing for them. This includes chores, cooking and generally taking up the slack until they are able to do for themselves again. This love comes without asking, without hesitation, without pity. It stems from knowing that we'll all go through times like this and caring for one another is the right thing to do.

I am sorry you lost your mum.

What a beautiful post and lovely tribute to you MIL. Her photos show such emotion and what a nice way for her to document her first vacation. How lucky you are to recognize and let it all go...Always thinking of you!

@Lelainia Oh, I wholeheartedly understand that this is how she moves in the world and shows her love for me.
-I tried to fight her for years on it, maybe because I felt deep down, as if I didn't deserve it? I struggle with that issue.
But I have let go and let her love me the only way she knows how.

It can be so difficult for people, especially two women used to running their own homes to learn to share a home. Well done to both of you for making it work. What a lovely tribute to your MiL and great shots as well of her hols.

what a gift she is to you, and you are to her.
thanks for sharing this part of your story here.

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