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28 August 2012


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Beautifully written, Bella. I understand, I lost my dear Mama 4 years ago. Life never is the same but we do learn to live again. xo

You are so wise, Bella -and growing wiser from this experience. That will make you an even better woman and mother yourself.

Peace to you on this journey.

Thank you Bella for sharing this .
Beautiful heartbreak.
Honest healing.
Digging in deep.

I am right here along with you.

grief is sneaky - it affords you a clarity that is so painful in its beauty and its despair. xo

Love you, Bella!

Time is so precious and what's so important is to recognize it like you have...beautiful post Bella...just beautiful. Hugs...

beautifully, beautifully, beautifully written . ..

Beautifully honest and real.

what an delicious honour it is to share this part of your story with you in some small way. wishing you were closer in time and space so we could spend time in each others company.

glad you return here again, again, again and that you go out into the world and face it with all of yourself.

i bow deeply to you friend

this is beautiful, bella. your heart is so wonderfully open...

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