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07 July 2012


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so beautiful Bella. thank you for sharing this. love you so.....

"I have changed in ways I never expected by her passing. I know I am deeply loved. I know that life is fleeting and I want to l.i.v.e. mine as deeply and as meaningfully as I can."


I wanted to hear your story. It made me cry just thinking about how much space in our lives one person fills. Thanks for sharing this.

we are stronger and more vulnerable than ever and i think this is our super power. i love you. xo

A butterfly, what a lovely way to comfort. I have experienced deer on two occasions and an eagle once as loved ones' means of communicating their continuing love.

This is so beautiful; thank you for sharing.

I have thought of you so often, dear Bella. I think you are honoring your mother in the way you live your life - both now and before. May you see many more butterflies in the days to come!

Absolutely beautiful post Bella...you remain in my thoughts...

heartbreaking and beautiful bella.
holding you in my thoughts. xo

Butterflies are definitely a sign. You will get through this, you are loved and know that your mother is with you...always. Thinking of you...xoxo

Bella, how magical that butterflies continue to surround you. Losing a beloved mother is one of the most difficult experiences in our lives. This is a really beautiful, honest, and soulful post. I believe you are honoring your mother in the best way possible: you are living a full and creatively wonderful life. I believe those butterflies are signs and miracles from your mother and you will carry her forever in your heart and memories.

My mother's six year anniversary is approaching next week. In the days and weeks after everyone was gone and the realization set in, I just remember looking up at the sky out my back door and thought, my mom taught me to find joy in living. It is a gift your mother gave you as well.

As always, you continue to remain in my thoughts Bella. xoxoxox

bella, i am just now reading this and finding out about your mom. (i've been on a bit of a blog break lately). i am so sorry to hear about your loss. having lost my mom 18 years ago i know some of the pain and grief you are feeling. losing a mom is just so hard.

i have a similar experience with ladybugs as you did with the butterfly. i have been visited by a ladybug during some of my most difficult times and i am convinced it is my mom reaching out to tell me everything is going to be OK. hold on to those butterflies and take comfort in however they make you feel. my thoughts are with you. xo

This sharing brings a smile to my face. Sending you all the love in the world xxx

how beautiful and true, all of it. you are a stunning soul, miss bella. and wiser than you know...

smooches, g

Love to you, dear friend.

a bit of goosebumps. i love the butterflies in your world right now, love how you are living the sorrow and the joy, love that you know you are loved.
holding you in my heart...

oh bella...beautiful advice for all of us about how to live....thank you beauty...love*m

Tears tears and more tears...my mother also visited me as a butterfly spirit...and it led me to naming my etsy store monarch...really guided me on my journey. I am with you sister...totally with you. love you.xoxoxo

That was such a beautiful reflection of a piece of your grieving journey. When my grandpa passed away I saw yellow butterflies all over that day. In the field, on flower pots, even imprinted in toilet paper! Its a great feeling to know that someone you love is FREE :)

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