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01 July 2012


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How good that you can nourish your body while you help heal your spirit :) That will help you heal, too.
Soak up the sun, today...my thoughts are with you.

hoping the sun and waves and sea air have soothed your soul today.

I've been recovering from surgery and haven't been reading my
favorite blogs. Just got on today and read about you heartache. I am so sorry. I lost my mom last year on June 1 and I am still so sad. I miss her more than words can say. Work kept me busy this year and I tried to stay upbeat but the fact is I was so sad inside. I just didn't let anyone know. I'm sure your daughter is the best medicene you could possibly have at this time. Take good care of yourself...know that my thoughts are with you.

My heart aches for you and your loss... I think you're doing all the right things and I can't imagine how it is to have that "great big truth sink in." Big virtual hugs Bella.

love you girl!

I honestly can't figure out where one would display personal photos other than the home. What's the purpose of having them if not displayed?

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