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15 March 2012


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happy birthday angie!!! and happy birth day mama!!!

my eldest hit the double digits last october and it was heartbreaking. it didn't seem possible 10 years had already passed, i didn't feel old enough to have a 10yo, i wasn't ready for the steady (but too fast) climb toward the teenage years so i feel your pain. but i think you're right on track, quit worrying about the time as the big picture and savor the moments. happy celebrating this weekend!

Happy birthday to your daughter! You are so right... time flies. My girls are growing so fast and I am trying really hard to savor every sweet moment. Enjoy the celebration!

What a beautiful thing to do for your daughter each year. Enjoy savouring the celebration!

lovely idea to have a record like this for your daughter... more often than not i find savoring the moments easier if i can capture them on film. happy birthday angie!

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